It’s been a Bassett’s sort of week as we moved from one year to the next.

I wasn’t at work on Monday, or at least I wasn’t ‘working’ – I did go in to the theatre to have a rummage through the prop box in search of something to wear for my very first Lyme Lunge on New Year’s day. There wasn’t much in the way of costumes; plenty of wigs mind, so I chose a bright yellow one with a contrasting pink head band that had plaits sticking out at the side.

After my search we went for a stroll down to the Cobb, stopping by the Harbour Inn for a quick cuppa and mince pie.

on the stroke of midnight we watched the fireworks

I went to a great New Year’s Eve party in Jane’s Cafe that overlooks the beach; on the stroke of midnight we watched the fireworks that people had brought along.

We left it too late to book a taxi so ended up walking home. The usual 30 minute brisk walk turned into a slow 2 hour meander, though it was not me doing the meandering #justsayin

I managed to get my column written for the Lyme Online paper before heading down to the beach on New Year’s day for my very first Lyme Lunge. I couldn’t have chosen a better day; it was a sunny and warm 1 January but that meant absolutely everyone on the planet, or so it seemed, wanted to visit Lyme Regis. It was positively heaving and those businesses that wisely opened, reported one of their best trading days ever with some restaurants selling out of food!

the very cold sea water quickly and easily found its way up inside the legs

The sea was exceptionally cold and the wet suit I had borrowed from my son was way too big for me so as I waded in, the very cold sea water quickly and easily found its way up inside the legs and soon filled all the spaces between me and the wet suit! But I still went for it, even managing a few strokes before heading back into shore. It was so warm when I emerged I wasn’t in the least cold as I headed back to the theatre to change out of my soggy garb. I met loads of people I knew on my way back, some of them applauding my efforts and a few agreeing to join me next year.

It was a short working week with masses going on in a short space of time including a delivery of 2 massive bags of original 1930’s evening wear kindly donated by a local family. I’m not precisely sure where we are going to put it given the complete lack of storage space in the theatre, but I couldn’t possibly turn down the offer of such a treasure trove.

My week finished on a high

My week finished on a high when the garage phoned to say my car was fixed after its second and hopefully final engine problem and ready to be collected.

What a great start to the New Year!

The Lyme Lunge, a long walk home & hopefully my car is fixed
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