It’s been a week of all things love…along with more meetings and nights out, oh and not forgetting the drugs bust.

On Monday I enjoyed an extra trip to the everso nice Aroma cafe; normally restricted to a Friday elevenses treat, I met local journalist cum newspaper editor/owner cum fundraiser Philip Evans MBE to talk about my next feature article in the quarterly publication, Lyme Life. Last edition I went behind the scenes of Bridport’s Nicholson’s Engineering, one of the world’s largest bellhanging companies; for the April edition I hope to be opening the doors to Lyme’s Masonic Lodge.

there’s something rather nice about being given an unexpected bunch

It was of course Valentine’s Day when mystery or secret lovers are meant to declare their undying and sometimes unrequited love for another. I do wonder if many people know the truth behind the tradition and that, unlike Father’s Day, it does have some meaning behind it. The local florist was rushed off her feet as she delivered beautiful bouquets to the beaming smiles of many ladies, including one that arrived at the Marine Theatre. Forget all the miseries who bemoan the whole giving of flowers thing, there’s something rather nice about being given an unexpected bunch, especially on Valentine’s.

Talking of flowers, the Marine is once again supporting Marie Curie’s Daffodil Appeal. Theatre volunteer Susan arrived with the instantly recognisable collection box that is full of the bright yellow daffs that we have put in the Marine Bar.

maybe they were postmen

And what about the weather we enjoyed? Lyme Regis was bathed in the most glorious sunshine for much of the week and from our vantage point overlooking Gun Cliff Walk, despite it being only February, we saw plenty of people strolling along with short sleeves; the ones in shorts and sandals had gone just a step too far for me, but maybe they were postmen who seem to wear shorts throughout the year no matter what.

There was a drugs aware day at my son’s school when people came in to talk about the dangers of drugs and how to avoid them. According to my son one of the ways people transport drugs is to put the substance in a Kinder egg container, you know the sort of thing that contains a cheap little toy and I won’t tell you what part of their body they put it in.

armed police in balaclavas were dealing with two suspects

But what a coincidence that on the exact same day there was a major drugs bust in Lyme. I had just returned from a very pleasant lunch that my husband had treated me to when I got a message from him with a picture of armed police in balaclavas who were dealing with two suspects outside the Tesco Metro. It seems a drugs gang are trying to establish themselves as the surge in county lines continues. It was great to see the full force of the law in action.

The news finally broke this week about the arrival of the film crew for Ammonite starring Kate Winslett who had been seen mooching around the shops the previous week. The Marine Theatre office had known about it for some time but were sworn to secrecy but now the cat’s out of the bag, it’s going to be Broadchurch all over again.

I can’t say I go a bundle on Lady Gaga

My week ended with prosecco in the Pilot Boat and watching A Star is Born at the Marine. It was a full house that night and not surprisingly 90% of the audience were female. I can’t say I go a bundle on Lady Gaga and I wasn’t convinced she’d be able to act, but I was pleasantly surprised and thoroughly enjoyed the film. I didn’t know the lead man was a drug addict and drunk.

Can’t help but notice a common theme to my week; next week there are birthdays and apple strudel to look forward to, what could possibly go wrong?

It’s not just love that’s in the air
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