Meetings galore this past week. There was a suggestion a while back that we should have one day a week when there are no meetings, we put a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door and rope in one of the volunteers to be our gate-keeper to steer the random visitors elsewhere. Nice idea but completely impractical when it comes to the Marine Theatre that has always had an unofficial open door policy to welcome and even encourage people to visit.

My week started with a midday meeting with local florist Sue of Lavender Blue (that has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?) who is going to be added to the Marine Wedding Package that will be rolled out at the end of February. What a lovely lady she is absolutely bursting with floral ideas.

I also had a phone call from a celebrant who had been chatting with one of our photographers, Dawn Potter and was happy to offer her services to anyone looking for an additional non religious ‘service’ to be added to their special day.

I watched a row of very butch women in battle gear

Being the first Monday of the month it was time for the Theatre Friends Newsletter and for extra inspiration I had the trailer for that night’s screening of Carmen playing in the background. The Ride of the Valkyries has always been a favourite of mine and conjures up images of war-like Vikings striding across the field of battle to put the enemy to rout, but when I got up to watch the trailer on our cinema screen that image was completely blown away as I watched a row of very butch women in battle gear riding gigantic planks of wood. I’m sure when watched in the context of the whole opera it makes sense and works…

The following day I was writing letters to the sound of some Star Wars battle as Steve Miller, one of our sound techs, tried to replicate a noise level to test the speakers. You really never know what you’ll be hearing next!

she hasn’t hit the sangria yet

I heard from the formidable Julie Sheppard this week who is holidaying in sunny Spain. I’m not sure what she is up to but she told me she is doing the dry January thing and whilst she hasn’t hit the sangria yet she is up to something else, not sure what it is but it sounded a bit saucy.

It was the Chinese New Year on Tuesday, the year of the pig. I like the way they have an animal to represent the years; mine is the dragon and quite right too. Anyway, John Puckey thought the best way to mark the occasion would be to buy a round of bacon butties from Aroma. Ever the comedian.

We held our monthly volunteers meeting in the quirky Marine Bar with it’s upside down fireplace and furniture. Everyone loves our bar although there are plans afoot to replace the hard metal chairs that are not at all sympathetic to either a well padded or extremely bony behind.

I’m thinking of asking one of those robotic companies

I had to deal with the mousetrap again this week and I’m not talking about the theatrical performance. Many will recall our theatre cat who now resides with the ex-bar manager, I’m thinking of asking one of these robotic companies to come up with an electronic cat we can leave roaming around at night time.

My next meeting was with the organiser of the Uplyme Fair that is happening in June. I have been volunteered by one of our tech team to help, I know right, like I don’t have enough to do. Anyway I’ve agreed to sell raffle tickets which shouldn’t be too arduous.

Now as everyone knows there’s not such thing as a five day week at the theatre so on Saturday there I was showing two wedding couples round, both of whom absolutely loved it.

I finally got to meet BBC Radio Solent dj Steve Harris

Then it was back again that evening for the David Ford gig, I finally got to meet BBC Radio Solent dj Steve Harris having known him for a great many months in that virtual world of Twitter.

Now there’s a thought, perhaps we should make all our meetings virtual ones…

Meetings, meetings and more meetings
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