I well remember 8 March 2018, I was the last one to leave the theatre not long after the snowfall started. It was the day I ended up abandoning my car and trudging home knee deep in the white stuff. So when the yellow weather warning was issued last week, I decided to take heed and when a few flakes fell on Tuesday I made ready.

I’m pleased to say it came to nothing, despite my son insisting I should stock up on all the essentials (biscuits, crisps, Nutella and milk) and that his school would have to close. Wishful thinking on his part.

I did notch up well over 50 hours of flying a Cessna 150

Thankfully his wish didn’t come true that day which is just as well because my week was chock-a-block so I was in no mood to be messed around by the beast from the east. For starters it was the cut-off for my Lyme Online column and then there was my screen test test. No. I’m not repeating myself, I’m being trained in the art of running the screen test for our live screenings and it’s time for me to fly solo which is always a bit daunting…not that I ever did manage that particular challenge though I did notch up well over 50 hours of flying a Cessna 150…another story for another day.

Wednesday arrived, luckily without any snow as I had a day of meetings including one with the lovely Dawn Potter who I know from a previous life when I wrote website content. Dawn is going to be one of our recommended wedding photographers so it will be great working with her again.

Oscar and Izzy were students who had come down from London

It was a gloriously sunny day when Dawn visited and the sun was still shining when my afternoon appointment arrived which meant they really did see the Marine in near perfect conditions which could explain why I had two more unexpected meetings with people who turned up and were completely bowled over by our beautiful theatre. Oscar and Izzy were students who had come down from London and wanted to film some productions then another couple rocked up who said they were film makers who wanted to use the space. In between all this going on, the Marine Players set themselves up in the Bar for their committee meeting, so the theatre was buzzing with life.

After the bright warm sunshine of Wednesday, the temperature plummeted on Thursday and the wind picked up, it looked like the predicted snowfall was about to hit.

Golden Cap looked like a ski resort with its white top and slopes

And hit it did, though not as bad as last March so I pulled on my boots and set off by foot. My son was euphoric when I told him his school was shut. The roads were eerily quiet which is just as well given the pavements were like ice rinks. But the closer I got to Lyme Regis the less snow there was and by the time I walked under the arch there was just a hint of snow on the wall although Golden Cap looked like a ski resort with its white top and slopes. It turned out Lyme had got away with it but areas less than a mile from the town centre were cut off, such are the micro climates that exist in this part of the world.

I’ve been watching singer/songwriter David Ford’s timeline on Twitter, he’s been talking about his tour that has just started; he’s coming to the Marine this Saturday. It’s the screening of the MET’s Carmen this coming week too, so let’s hope there will be no more ‘yellow’ warnings, it’s one thing flying solo with a test screening, it’s quite another running the show, but what’s the worst that can happen? It’s not like I’m flying a plane at 20,000 feet…

No-show snow & flying solo
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