There really is never a dull day in Lyme Regis and the Marine Theatre office has the best view anyone could wish for. This past week we have seen the most dramatic of seas, beautiful sunny days and incredibly low tides exposing a bounty of rock pools and sea-worn rocks.

The weather has gone from the hottest February days on record to excessively windy ones with some torrential rain thrown in for good measure, when Storm Freya hit turning everybody’s umbrellas inside out and my hair into an uncontrollable wild frizz, or as I like to call it cheveux naturelle, sounds so much more sophisticated in French.

the Georgian salt baths started the whole thing off

We had the first of our 125th anniversary meetings to talk through our 3 day celebration we have planned for June. There has of course been something on the site of the Marine Theatre for much longer, the Georgian salt baths started the whole thing off but it is 125 years since the Drill Hall, that eventually became the building we see now, was built. We are chuffed to bits that Andy Rattenbury has agreed to write the script for us and we put out a call to all the organisations who have had anything to do with the theatre including the Lyme Regis Musical Theatre (who are themselves marking their 120th next year), the Lyme Panto, Marine Players and a host of others. It’s ambitious but will be a great opportunity to show off the amazing talent the town has.

Apparently Kate Winslet has been seen

The Ammonite film crew arrived in Lyme on the Monday and started to create the 19th century street scene outside the fossil shop. The enormous cannon was removed that sits just outside the shop and two walls and a shopfront have been built. Apparently Kate Winslet has been seen in various locations including pulling pints in the Volunteer Pub, or the Volly as it’s known, where she has been trying to pick up the local Dorset accent.

Our volunteers returned from their poster distribution on Monday to tell us our notice board on the bus stop was covered by a pretend brick wall so they couldn’t update the posters, but given no one would be able to read them, it was all a bit academic.

I was ready for Fizz Friday

By the time Friday came around I was ready for Fizz Friday in the Pilot Boat. It was also their live music night with Declan Duffy performing. Declan is very well known in Lyme; not only is he a musician but he was in the community play, Monmouth, that the then Marine theatrical director, Clemmie Reynolds directed, who I happened to see has just been appointed Assistant Director of Witness for the Prosecution, an Agatha Christie production in London County Hall.

Anyway it was back to the Marine on Saturday afternoon to show a wedding couple round the venue. So from milestone anniversaries to A-listers, there really is never a dull day in Lyme Regis!

Cheveux naturelle au frizz, Kate Winslet & a 125th anniversary
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