Spring is officially here – the clocks have gone forward an hour which means lighter evenings. Great for gardeners and people who pop down to the sea after work for an evening swim, though the sea temperature is going to have to increase quite a bit before I head out.

But at this time of year when the warm spring sunshine lulls us into a false sense of summer security, something happens to some folk the moment the sun makes an appearance, the sensible winter wear disappears and the shorts, T-shirts and flip-flops take their place.

it’s been about a 40/60 split

From our vantage point in the Marine office overlooking the Gun Cliff Walk and in either direction of the long stretch of the Jurassic coast, we see everything and everyone and I’d say it’s been about a 40/60 split of people wearing skimpy beach-wear v others still with their winter fleeces on. I cannot deny I did pull out a couple of slightly skimpier tops to wear when the office became too hot but they were tempered with something sensible.

But it has to be said the mornings have been spectacular with breath-taking sunrises and now the sun has moved position so it is closer to Portland than Golden Cap, when I arrive there’s a long golden glistening trapezoid stretching across the sea as the early morning sun rays reach out across the sea into land.

Pete arrived and was soon climbing onto the platform

Our new sign went up on the seaward facing theatre wall; the council were very helpful when they arrived with the cherry-picker to repair their webcam that is fixed to the corner of the theatre, a quick call to one of our techs, Pete who arrived and was soon climbing onto the platform so he could fit our ‘Marine Theatre’ sign that all the passers-by can now see.

It was the final week of filming for the Mary Anning movie which is a pity, it has been a very interesting few weeks with the extras and camera crew using the Marine for their base; it also means no more delicious lunches from the catering team.

we are now the proud owner of a fake stone pillar

We got the heads-up that they were throwing away all the set pieces so we are now the proud owner of a fake stone pillar and some outdoor chairs that are perfect for Theatre Square. Not entirely sure what we’re going to do with the pillar mind.

The week ended with the sound check for Penguin Café who arrived on Friday afternoon. I tried to describe their music to a good friend and summed it up by saying it’s the kind of music you could listen to and never tire, both uplifting and relaxing.

With the Easter holidays just around the corner I think it will only be a matter of time before we see swimsuits and beach bags going past the theatre, just hope they’ve got their thermals tucked in that bag ready for when they come out of the sea a darker shade of blue.

N’er cast a clout and we have a new sign
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