It was the Spring equinox which means the days are longer than the nights, it was also our latest programme launch party so we set things up with brie and cranberry on crackers and crisps…the Marine version of a cheese & wine evening.

“you coming to the party?”

John in marketing was helping when he spotted a couple walking up to the theatre “you coming to the party?” he shouted from the balcony. No, they were just having a look at the programme, “well if you change your mind, come to our party, everyone is welcome”

Guests started to arrive from 6pm and soon the Marine bar was full of lively chat and bonhomie.

Then who should turn up but the couple who had been collared by John. Turns out they were from Dublin and just visiting the area. I’m looking forward to the next programme launch party because that one will be outside, hopefully on a warm balmy summer’s evening.

The weather has been gorgeous, far too warm to be wearing winter garb but my Twitter pals remind me of the old adage n’er cast a clout, but by Thursday the summer wardrobe was out and on albeit under cover of a warmer winter one.

me along with Poldark, well in my mind anyway

I was sailing away on a beautiful two rig ketch called Irene midweek, me along with Poldark, well in my mind anyway. The very beautiful boat was anchored in Lyme bay before moving into the safety of the harbour although with the remarkable low tides there was the danger of her being grounded.

The set designers of the Mary Anning film soon had Irene and the area around the Lyme Regis Aquarium looking like an 1840s scene. Some primary school children who were out on a daytrip met Kate Winslet as she stepped out of her car ready to film a scene. I’m not sure the children had any idea who she was but the teachers certainly did if the social media pictures are anything to go by.

I saw Irene heading out to sea later, because of the strong tides they had to use her engine to get out to sea. Kate was on board gutting fish apparently.

I made another personal best

I made another personal best with my swimming, 23 lengths non-stop. I’m sure I look at sight from above with my very poor frog-legs technique and I’m pretty sure by about length 18 my bottom half is sinking quite low down in the water, but I carried on regardless.

I’ve had some very odd dreams one of which involved the theatre duty manager who was running a pub but when I went to go for a drink at midday with Steve the theatre tech, Tom was shutting the doors and said he closed for Sunday lunch. What with that and the low tide, I came to the conclusion there was a new moon.

The warm sunshine has brought out the ice cream vans from their winter hibernation, have you noticed the music they play hasn’t changed in decades? I haven’t had an ice cream yet, maybe we should change our cheese & wine menu for ice creams & sorbets at our summer programme launch party…

Spring sunshine, Irene & my personal best
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