Easter, Alabama & The Archers

So Easter came and went without me coming even close to an overdose of chocolate or hot cross buns then on top of that disappointment and in the wake of my 3-day week, the 4-day week added to the growing backlog of work.

Single earrings, birthday afternoon tea & a trip to Nottingham

What jewellery do you wear? If you’re an earring wearer, I’m going to guess you wear a matching pair most of the time but even if you don’t wear one in each ear, you would have bought them as a twosome.

The 4 days of Easter & my glittery shoes

I remember every year around this time I would ask my mother when ‘Easter Day’ was and when would I get my Easter eggs; it always confused me how you could possibly have 4 days of Easter.

BST jet lag & my welcome to the legendary Julie Felix

Suddenly the first quarter of 2019 has gone. Not just that, but it was a treble whammy on Sunday and Monday what with Mothering Sunday, the clocks going forward and 1 April. But at least I didn’t get caught out with any April fools jokes, but I did suffer from BST jet lag for most of the week.