Suddenly the first quarter of 2019 has gone. Not just that, but it was a treble whammy on Sunday and Monday what with Mothering Sunday, the clocks going forward and 1 April. But at least I didn’t get caught out with any April fools jokes, but I did suffer from BST jet lag for most of the week.

My out-of-kilter state of mind wasn’t helped by the unpredictable spring weather that had me pulling out my spring wardrobe and throwing open the office windows only to be wrapping up warmly against the bitter cold and switching on the radiator a few minutes later. There were reports of sleet on the Dorset hills and then we had a tremendous hail storm in Lyme Regis with a thick blanket of frost everywhere the next day.

I have bought a cap in readiness

I went for my usual weekly swim at the Bridport Leisure Centre (no, the sea is still not warm enough for me) and it was strange to be heading home in broad daylight. Still not quite warm enough to put the car roof down in the evening but I have bought a cap in readiness from Steptoes of Bridport, that will stop my hair from being whipped into a mad mess.

One of the theatre’s big supporters, Toad Hall Cottages, a local holiday property rental company, have a brilliant toad costume they use to promote the company and sometimes they let us use it to promote things going on at the theatre; I myself have worn it when we had a children’s play on last summer. Not sure who was under the huge toad head this time but on Thursday they were promoting our raffle in support of our 125th anniversary.

surprisingly there was no Prosecco to mark the occasion

The Tourist Information Centre were in residence on Thursday; they were interviewing for extra staff for the coming tourist season. The summer opening hours for the TIC is always a sure sign that summer is on its way, surprisingly there was no Prosecco to mark the occasion…I wonder if that formed part of the interview process – do you enjoy a glass or two of bubbly, especially on the beach after work? Yes – you’re through to the next round / No – sorry you have been unsuccessful on this occasion.

One of the great things about the Marine is that we have an ‘open-door’ policy and welcome everyone to drink in the atmosphere of our old theatre, so it was lovely to see Tracey and Simon West who came in to ask about hiring the theatre and then Viv Keene popped in to have a chat.

Julie Felix, legendary 60s singer and musician

I had an unexpected job to do on Friday night, the welcome intro for Julie Felix, legendary 60s singer and musician who at 80 years young, is still going strong. Now I’m pretty used to standing up and using a mic in front of thirty or forty people but as I waited for my cue and looked out at the sea of people, it was quite a daunting prospect to read the script I had put together just minutes earlier. But I held it together and Julie walked on to rapturous applause followed by a wonderful evening of great music and song.

It may not have been a balmy summer night but the warmth from the audience for this incredible lady more than made up for the chilly spring night.

BST jet lag & my welcome to the legendary Julie Felix
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