So Easter came and went without me coming even close to an overdose of chocolate or hot cross buns then on top of that disappointment and in the wake of my 3-day week, the 4-day week added to the growing backlog of work.

one of the comedians always sets his alarm

I had to hit the ground running when I got in on Tuesday, after a very busy weekend at the Marine there were box office reports to complete and performer invoices to pay. Our comedy night was the best yet, apparently one of the comedians always sets an alarm on his watch so he knows when to stop but he was having such a good time he ignored it and just kept going and all 4 comedians were still going strong an hour later!

The week turned out to be pretty quiet but with two very different shows coming up at the weekend there was a lot to sort out, especially for the Saturday night’s music gig with Alabama 3 that looked like it was going to be a sell-out.

it put my jaw out of alignment

I challenged myself for my midweek swim at the Bridport Leisure Centre and smashed my personal best managing 31 lengths without stopping. Turns out there’s another side effect of my rubbish breaststroke – I discovered as I clambered out of the pool that with all that effort of keeping my head above water it put my jaw out of alignment and my teeth no longer met. Fortunately, it didn’t last…I wonder if Adam Peaty suffers from this?

The high winds returned mid-week with a yellow weather warning; luckily there wasn’t much of a high tide so the sea wasn’t too rough and with the perfect blue sky it would have made a great seascape for local artist Hilary Buckley with wave after wave of white horses galloping into shore as the wind whipped the sea into an excited frenzy.

Lost property continues to arrive on my desk including a front door key and pair of glasses. The glasses were splattered with little white spots of paint suggesting the owner has been decorating, turns out they belonged to one of our volunteers.

Graham the theatre electrician popped in to do a small job that turned out to be slightly bigger than he expected but then with a theatre as old as the Marine, nothing is going to be an easy fix!

Simon was hobbling about on crutches

Lucy Fleming and Simon Williams arrived mid-afternoon on Friday. Poor Simon was hobbling about on crutches and I was slightly nervous about him climbing the few steps up onto the stage, but I need not have worried. Everyone warmed to them straight away and their performance of ‘Letters to the Moon’, the wartime letters between Lucy’s parents Celia Johnson and Peter Fleming,was utterly charming.

It took him around 10 minutes of puffing

I was back again on Saturday morning for a wedding couple who wanted to look at the space again before their big day in July. They planned to have some huge balloons dangling from the rig and the groom-to-be was tasked with inflating one of the extremely huge balloons. It took him around 10 minutes of puffing only to decide they didn’t want to have balloons after all because the fairy lights were just perfect. But what to do with a gigantic balloon on a piece of string..? Leaving the balloon to drift around downstairs whilst they went up to the Marine Bar, there was a very loud bang, problem solved.

There’s another bank holiday weekend coming up so it’s going to be another 4-day weeks for me, best get ahead of myself this week then.

Easter, Alabama & The Archers
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