What jewellery do you wear? If you’re an earring wearer, I’m going to guess you wear a matching pair most of the time but even if you don’t wear one in each ear, you would have bought them as a twosome.

we never get a call about a lost earring

Another question…when you get home after a night out, do you check to make sure the earrings you were wearing when you left the house are there when you return? I know right, but it’s a serious question, because we now have a collection of very pretty single earrings in our lost property box at the theatre and whilst we regularly get calls about lost scarves, gloves and coats, we never get a call about a lost earring.

Perhaps suffering from the morning after the night before, the earring owners have difficulty retracing their steps to try and find their lobe décor.

There were a couple of lunatics out on their surf boards

The spring weather continued to do its thing with strong winds to start the Easter week that combined with the high tide led to some pretty mountainous seas and from our vantage point in the theatre office, I watched the unceasing undulation as one wave after another rolled into shore along North Wall. There were a couple of lunatics out on their surf boards who were struggling to do anything as they were tumbled around in what must have felt like the wash cycle of a gigantic washing machine.

When the wind let up the rain arrived, so it was back to raincoats and wellies for the holidaymakers who were arriving in their droves.

I finally booked a day off

Of course it was a 4 day week for many although with a busy bank holiday weekend ahead there was going to be no let up for some of the theatre staff; duty manager Tom, technician Steve and bar manager Claire. For me it was actually a 3 day week as I finally booked a day off, much to everyone’s surprise…I’m not very good at taking time off if you’re wondering. Anyway, holiday aside, with the grotty weather, it was the perfect time to show Mary Poppins Returns at the Marine and with the cheap ticket price on the door, the theatre was soon filling up.

It was one of our trustee’s birthdays this week and to make sure everyone had a fair crack of the birthday whip she had thoughtfully organised cream tea between 3-5pm then drinks & nibbles 5-7pm. I missed the afternoon cream tea but enjoyed a glass or Prosecco in the second round. I caught up with Philip Clayton and the latest news on the Lyme Regis Town Mill Art Gallery; all a bit sad since the gallery was closed but he is working hard to source funding for some local pop-up events.

My week ended with a trip to Nottingham to see a dear family friend and visit old haunts. We arrived after an epic 7 hour drive (note to self not to travel on an afternoon before a major bank holiday). Nottingham is not how I remember; it was always an industrial city, but it really did feel like a land-locked fortress of brick and steel. But they do have electric trams that glide effortlessly around the city which is a great idea; NB Milton Keynes.

I’ve seen more life in the whitebait that hurl themselves onto the beach

As my sister and I were ’girls on tour’, we thought we might paint the town red that night so headed out for a cocktail or two. I’ve seen more life in the whitebait that hurl themselves onto the beach at Lyme Regis, even the Lady Boys of Bangkok shut up shop when no one bought a ticket for their ‘showgirls’ tour.

So after sitting in a near empty bar for half an hour we returned to the hotel for a nightcap…sadly no need to check my earrings before I turned in.

Single earrings, birthday afternoon tea & a trip to Nottingham
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