I remember every year around this time I would ask my mother when ‘Easter Day’ was and when would I get my Easter eggs; it always confused me how you could possibly have 4 days of Easter. The answer was the same each time – either the Sunday or the Monday. That narrowed it down but didn’t really help with my childhood confusion.

Talking of muddled, my son has started to call the main school holidays half term rather than end of term and try as I might to explain what half and end of term means, he still gets it wrong.

they were perhaps hoping to see Kate Winslet

Either way, families started to arrive in Lyme Regis from 8 April as some schools started their hols earlier than most. Hovering around Bell Cliff, they were perhaps hoping to see the Kate Winslet possibly or some other ‘A’ lister or maybe just to soak up the ‘Ammonite’ atmosphere. It wasn’t long before I started to hear some local rumblings about not being able to get from A to B without being held up by meandering holidaymakers.

With the pre-Easter week came some early spring sunshine that was warm enough to get all of us out of our winter coats and wearing short sleeves. But that warm sunny day was followed by a freezing night and ice on the windscreen the next morning. However, that didn’t stop our happy holidaymakers, or at least the children who were soon splashing about in the sea, being impervious to the freezing cold.

Poldark is never far from my imagination

Another beautiful old yacht was moored in the Lyme bay, I was reliably informed by our finance person, who is a bit of a boat enthusiast, that it was a lugger. It reminded me a little of the Chinese junk with its square sails, but either way it was a beauty and she swayed and leisurely swung round as the tide changed direction. Poldark is never far from my imagination when I look out at sea from the office window.

There was a huge tanker or naval ship of some sort on the horizon and along with the three chinook helicopters that flew low enough to scoop the surface of the sea water, I was beginning to wonder if there was an impending invasion.

We enjoyed another taste of Hugh Jackman in the Greatest Showman Sing Along, I think it’s fair to say the audience was pretty much made up of mums and daughters and the audience participation was restricted to the three songs everyone knows, but I was happy to linger outside the office for the odd moment or 3.

off to Harmony for a manicure

It was the Mayor’s fundraiser Civic Night on the Friday, so it was off to Harmony for a manicure and Along Came Polly for a hairdress before donning my posh party frock and glittery shoes. But my working week hadn’t quite finished as I headed back to the theatre on Saturday to show a wedding party round the Marine.

I woke on Monday morning wondering if it was Sunday or Monday, holiday or half term but at least there were no Easter eggs to confuse me.

The 4 days of Easter & my glittery shoes
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