We said goodbye to Simon this week who has been worth his weight in gold when it comes to the Marine number crunching.

We took him for a surprise lunch at the Lyme Bay restaurant; now there’s one thing that is sure to put the kibosh on me having a productive afternoon and that’s a big lunch so I stuck with the kid’s size fish & chips plus a side order of sweet potato fries to share, but the bowl found its way down to the end where marketing was sitting…he left me two in the bottom of the bowl.

It’s all to do with the way she swishes her scarf

Someone called into the theatre on Tuesday in the hope of finding a lost earring; she had read my column in the Lyme Online paper and wondered if it might be hanging on my notice board. It’s all to do with the way she swishes her scarf about her neck sending her ear jewellery flying. Sadly, we were not able to reunite her with the absentee.

1st May arrived quietly and with stealth and it turned out to be unusually busy for me with a physio appointment first thing for son no 2 whose bones are apparently growing faster than his muscles and ligaments so his resultant knobbly knees have some catching up to do. My later than usual start to the day meant I was pipped to the post with my pinch-punch on Twitter by my Scottish Twit-pal Catherine Poole.

I swung by Swim (the bar not the pool)

Then it was elevenses at the Galley café with brilliant poet Sarah Acton for cake and coffee and after my usual Wednesday evening swim and rugby boys collection, I swung by Swim (the bar not the pool) and joined the Tourist Information ladies for a quick cocktail.

It was time for a haircut so it was over the border to South Petherton and I noticed the ‘road closed’ signs were up again. I ignored them last time and ended up having to do a 10-point turn before heading back to the diversion. But unwilling to go on the 5 mile detour I continued and fortunately the road wasn’t shut at all.

Lyme Regis had a whole raft of new council candidates for the local elections, so I anticipated a huge voter turnout. How wrong I was, under 45% took the trouble with many saying they deliberately abstained due to the behaviour of MPs at the moment. Not sure it will have the desired effect.

I’m guessing someone like Ambre Solaire are behind it

Saturday brought Naked Gardening Day, not sure how that is even a thing and I can’t help but wonder if there isn’t a public decency law or two being broken, by some at least. I have a hunch it’s a bit like Father’s Day that was created by the card industry to generate income during a quiet period. Given the sensitive ordinarily hidden areas being exposed to sunlight I’m guessing someone like sunscreen manufacturer Ambre Solaire are behind it (and hopefully in front!)

I was very pleased to see the Bothen Hill Farm asparagus is back so it can only be a matter of weeks before the Forde Abbey soft fruit farm opens. Now there’s a thought…Naked PYO

A goodbye lunch & Naked Gardening Day
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