Sometimes the weeks just fly by which is why I occasionally miss a week on here and especially if there’s a bank holiday involved and at this time of the year they seem to pop up nonstop.

It’s been another Bassetts time for me with the start of our work experience interns. Not surprisingly we are a very popular venue with local school pupils, they enjoy the diverse range of jobs they are asked to do including front of house, marketing and research and not forgetting meeting all kinds of interesting performers.

sadly the other person using it was by no means slow

It looks like I’m either going to have to toughen up and face the numbing chill of the sea or go without my weekly swim at the Bridport Leisure Centre; as the summer rapidly approaches everyone is thinking about their summer beach body and the pool is getting very crowded. They’ve sectioned off another lane for ‘slow’ swimmers (that’s me) but sadly the other person using it was by no means slow and clearly thought I should not be getting in his way as he hurtled past achieving two and half lengths to my one and creating a tsunami as he passed me by. I kept going though, albeit half swimming under the rope to avoid getting slapped by his energetic stroke.

Clearly doesn’t know about swimming lane etiquette.

We had yet another goodbye party, this time for our bar manager Claire who is going back to school. As you would expect, there was Prosecco involved.

they can hire an entire theatre for less than a meal for two at The Ritz

Someone was passing by the theatre and decided on impulse to pop in and ask about hiring the venue for a private party. People are always surprised they can hire an entire theatre on the Jurassic coast for less than a meal for two at The Ritz!

As I was approaching the 10th hour of my 12 hour day, I was invited by the TIC ladies to go for an impromptu re energising glass of Prosecco at the Pilot Boat’s fizzy Friday It must have done the trick because 3 hours later I was making my way round Tesco doing the weekly shop.

From Fizzy Friday to fishy Friday; when I finally got home thankfully my late supper didn’t give me much in the way of indigestion, but then I’m pretty sure there’s not much to digest in a fish finger sandwich!

Bassetts, the slow swimming lane & a fish finger sandwich

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