Another bank holiday weekend and half term, so even more discombobulation for yours truly; when son no.2 headed out on Tuesday night to galavant round with his friends, I stopped him in his tracks and reminded him there was no ‘going-out’ on a school night. No prizes for guessing his reaction…mum’s lost the plot.

he survives on bowls of cereal and Nutella sandwiches

One of the best things about holiday time is not having to think about his school packed lunch that is always a chore, especially with him being so fussy. Although leaving him to his own devices does mean he survives on bowls of cereal and Nutella sandwiches, if the stack of crockery and cutlery I come back to each night is anything to go by. I know, don’t tell me.

Anyway, this past week has been eclipsed by wedding plans. Not mine, although it has caused me the same level of angst; no, it was the Marine’s first marriage ceremony followed by the wedding breakfast and reception. The bride-to-be had supplied a very detailed plan of how she wanted the day to pan out and I wanted to make sure we more than met her expectations.

I had a nightmare about running out of prosecco

I made notes on her plan, made notes on my notes, added more notes with a few aide memoire thrown in and only then did I start with the highlighter pens and asterisks. This was followed by phone calls, emails and texts with apologies being made to our bar staff if ‘I had already spoken to them, but…’ I had nightmares about running out of glasses, lack of fridge space and running out of prosecco (I know, nothing new there then!)

Of course there was one thing we had no control over and that was the weather. Not only did we have the usual uncertainty of the British weather to contend with but in this part of the south-west we ‘enjoy’ micro climates which means it can be bucketing down just 5 miles away in Bridport, but glorious sunshine and blue skies in Lyme and when you plan to spend a big chunk of your day enjoying the space and fantastic views from Theatre Square, one thing you don’t want is to be standing in the pouring rain.

So the wedding couple decided to have a marquee to accommodate their 100+ guests.

It rained heavily on the Thursday before; (the outside production of Much Ado About Nothing performed by the utterly brilliant Handlebards moved to the inside) then the Friday was a mixture of wind, rain, sun and cloud but Saturday was a stunner, with clear skies and a gentle breeze, we couldn’t have asked for better. So in the end the marquee was pretty redundant. The next day was dull and damp, so they really were very lucky!

the groom is not allowed to drink before the interview

Then there are the extra bits you have to think about such as the groom is not allowed to drink before the interview with the registrar and there is strictly no alcohol allowed in the room so all the guests who arrived early to enjoy a quick glass of fizz were shepherded outside well away from the auditorium.

Anyway, after days of fretful planning it all came together perfectly. There were plenty of glasses and the chilled prosecco flowed effortlessly.

We have 8 more wedding receptions coming up over the next few months but without the actual ceremony they should be a cinch and I should need only one highlighter pen this time round.

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