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Do you publish an in-house magazine?

You need more than flat text with a few adverts thrown in; a Feature Article will make your publication far more appealing.

Whether it is to entertain or educate, you must cater to the needs of your target audience so they are enticed and seduced into reading your story.

The article may cover current events or historical themes yet both can encompass human interest so the reader can identify with it.

I can carry out in depth research into any subject to uncover interesting facts and figures to make your feature informative and intriguing.

Humour or controversial opinion will engage the reader; I will add depth and colour to create a ‘story’ your target audience will want to read.

Local, national or at international level with some basic facts I will produce an interesting and dynamic piece of work giving strength and energy to any subject; turning the topic into something that has prominence and meaning.

I will transform a bulletin into appealing text so the reader is not only entertained but also informed about your product or service.

A feature article can be any length with or without illustrations from £50 for up to 500 words.