Snow fall, our environmental policy and I finally get my wheels

Winter proper arrived in Dorset this week; there were reports of snow fall in Toller Porcorum (I saw the video evidence) and the following day in Dorchester. I wonder how many people rushed to the bookies to place a bet for a white Christmas…is that still a thing or do gamblers do it all online now?

Emma and the Beast and my undeserved midweek treat from Aroma

Emma and the Beast; sounds like some sort of seedy Channel 4 horror show but whilst it wasn’t seedy it definitely was horrific as two weather fronts collided to create havoc and disaster and as a general rule I treat myself to an Aroma Cafe decaf cappuccino once a week on a Friday.

A busman’s holiday, a French novel and a New Year musical

A busman’s holiday, a French novel and a New Year musical

I had a week off. My first holiday for 8 months. I say ‘holiday’ but as any mum will tell you, at Christmas time you merely swap one sort of work for another and it is sometimes even more stressful when family are thrown together for an intense few hours once a year. It isn’t helped when one of your children ends up being unwell for the duration.
With both sons tapping away on their miscellaneous devices, I ended up watching Mary Poppins on my own with the tub of Christmas chocolates as company and even they weren’t much fun given I have had to severely restrict my chocolate intake due to diet change.