Half term, Kate Winslet & fishermen from across Europe

It was half term last week. There are two camps in Lyme, one of them says “half term is great, the roads are so quiet without all the school run lot” and the other “there’s no parking, hundreds of dogs and children wandering about and I had to queue in Costa, what a nightmare”

A flux capacitor, compostable food containers and a love affair at Montacute House

I thought I’d gone back to the future this week when South West Water arrived with what looked like a flux capacitor that they positioned just below our office window. I spent several minutes pondering what it could be; yet another masterpiece of mechanical engineering to be squirreled away in their underground cavern that houses the immense local waterworks, a giant balloon inflator, a rocket launcher?

Grockles, a court case and a Prosecco crisis

Grockles, a court case and a Prosecco crisis

When you live in a beautiful place like Lyme Regis you have to accept there is an occasional minor downside; during the holiday season, everyone who doesn’t live nearby descends on this small seaside resort and the population, vehicle and coach