Scribblings on my calendar, ribbon, never mind the wrinkles and ‘tea Mr Shifter?’

I have a calendar on the wall next to my ‘work station’…is that still a thing or has the PC world changed that expression to something less authoritarian? Anyway, my calendar has 2″ boxes for each day so plenty of room to put my reminders, appointments and aide memoires; I also have a paper diary and tucked in my iPhone case, slips of paper with lists of things I mustn’t forget; ‘piece of ribbon’ is one of the important items on my list.

Fire drills, songs on breast-feeding and mansplaining. Just an average week for me

What a difference a week makes; OK, it wasn’t ’24 little hours’ but we have moved from temperatures as low as -6 to an explosion of fresh green shoots appearing along with double digits. We also had a fire drill this week. There was plenty of interest in the process, especially when I momentarily forgot how to silence the alarm.