Time flies and size is in the eye of the manufacturer

The moment October arrives that’s it, you may as well hang your stocking on the mantle piece and start wolfing down handfuls of Celebrations (except the Bounty ones, no one likes those). I really don’t know what has happened to this year, it has raced by.

Alter-egos, cocktails and three little maids

Do you have an alter-ego? And if so, do you keep in check only to be let out on the odd occasion? Mine had a field day this week with social occasions at every turn.

My energetic week left me feeling very virtuous

My week started very energetically; not that it doesn’t always but this time it included an energetic walk into work. I don’t live all that far away but it’s just that bit too far to consider walking very often and especially when the weather is grotty as it was on Monday. I felt very virtuous as I strode under the theatre archway.

Drinking habits, our fabulous new loos and the massive water works; did you see what I did there?

Now I’m not known for my drinking habit, even during my clubbing days I was never much of a challenge. No I’m afraid I’m a bit of a light-weight when it comes to booze so with not one but two drinking opportunities this week, I’m thinking of abstaining for a while.

More uniform crush confessions, dreaming of Poldark & a nice ‘thank you’ card

The first Monday of the month is always a favourite of mine, no #MondayMorningBlues for this lady, I not only had the usual weekly newsletter to write for our Theatre Friends but it was time to write my column for Lyme Online

A week of emergencies and our crowd control could stand down

Bank Holiday Mondays always discombobulate me and this week such was my day-disarray I completely missed out on my usual Friday treat from the Aroma Coffee Shop. Things weren’t helped when the phones decided to stop working

Practising my inner teacher skills and enjoying another prosecco party with fish & chips

I always wanted to be a teacher, right up to the point I left my all girls school and went to 6th form college and discovered there was a whole lot more out there than simply following in my mother’s footsteps. I now work in the wonderful world of theatre which more than satisfies my creative urges, but there is a little bit of teacher left inside. 

I’m still looking into lavatories and I’m certain we don’t have native tarantulas in this country

Not that I’m obsessed with lavatories but this week I spent well over an hour researching loo roll holders. You may say life is too short to spend so much time on such inconsequential detail but let me tell you, there is nothing so pleasing as using a facility that has been thought about.

Adventure awaits & there’s been a breakthrough with our lavatories

I feel like I need an adventure. I’m not sure if it’s because at long last I sent off my story to a publisher which always gives me a boost of confidence or because there is such a great atmosphere of success and high spirits at the theatre.

A clean sweep with an unwieldy broom

It was a relief to return to some semblance of normality after my week off, although I did have to spend the first hour of Monday morning sorting out the bomb site that was my office. Everything from quad sized posters to performers’ dirty hand towels, it looked like my sons had been in residence for a couple of days. Marketing aka John Puckey, told me he had had to chase after some of my paperwork that flew out of the office win