Half term, Nutella sandwiches & weddings

Another bank holiday and half term, so even more discombobulation for yours truly; when son no.2 headed out Tuesday night to galavant round with his friends, I stopped him in his tracks and reminded him there was no ‘going-out’ on a school night…

Bassetts, the slow swimming lane & a fish finger sandwich

It’s been another Bassetts time for me with the start of our work experience interns. Not surprisingly we are a very popular venue with local school pupils

A goodbye lunch & Naked Gardening Day

We said goodbye to Simon this week who has been worth his weight in gold when it comes to the Marine number crunching.

Easter, Alabama & The Archers

So Easter came and went without me coming even close to an overdose of chocolate or hot cross buns then on top of that disappointment and in the wake of my 3-day week, the 4-day week added to the growing backlog of work.

Single earrings, birthday afternoon tea & a trip to Nottingham

What jewellery do you wear? If you’re an earring wearer, I’m going to guess you wear a matching pair most of the time but even if you don’t wear one in each ear, you would have bought them as a twosome.

N’er cast a clout and we have a new sign

Spring is officially here – the clocks have gone forward an hour which means lighter evenings. Great for gardeners and people who pop down to the sea after work for an evening swim

Spring sunshine, Irene & my personal best

It was the Spring equinox which means the days are longer than the nights, it was also our latest programme launch party so we set things up with brie and cranberry on crackers and crisps…the Marine version of a cheese & wine evening.

Long days, allergies & the Ides of March

It’s been late nights and early mornings for me along with a full-on day in between. The trouble with those kind of weeks is that time literally flies by

The World Wide Web, a broken down mobility scooter & fishnet stockings

Can you remember the world without the internet? It never ceases to shock me just how much we rely on it, both for work and socially. For instance this week I heard from someone out of the blue whom I worked with over 20 years ago and she summarised her life in 4 very short paragraphs

Half term, Kate Winslet & fishermen from across Europe

It was half term last week. There are two camps in Lyme, one of them says “half term is great, the roads are so quiet without all the school run lot” and the other “there’s no parking, hundreds of dogs and children wandering about and I had to queue in Costa, what a nightmare”