Adventure awaits & there’s been a breakthrough with our lavatories

I feel like I need an adventure. I’m not sure if it’s because at long last I sent off my story to a publisher which always gives me a boost of confidence or because there is such a great atmosphere of success and high spirits at the theatre.

A clean sweep with an unwieldy broom

It was a relief to return to some semblance of normality after my week off, although I did have to spend the first hour of Monday morning sorting out the bomb site that was my office. Everything from quad sized posters to performers’ dirty hand towels, it looked like my sons had been in residence for a couple of days. Marketing aka John Puckey, told me he had had to chase after some of my paperwork that flew out of the office win

Surrendering to a greater power and ‘puppy blues’ is a thing

Sometimes you just have to throw in the towel and surrender to a greater power; which is why I didn’t update my blog last week and why today I had to make a sad decision. But let me tell you about my working week first.

Writing, research & reporting and why don’t people know what a ‘lavatory’ is?

There are some weeks I enjoy then there are others I really enjoy and this past week falls into the latter category.
It’s been a week of writing, research and reporting; not for the first time have I wondered why I didn’t pursue a career in journalism but thereby hangs another tale…if ifs and ands were pots and pans.

I’m that rock chick over there…just as soon as I’ve brought in the washing & cooked dinner

Apparently I look like the teacher from the musical hit ‘School of Rock’. I asked my sister who suggested I google it and just what is it that decides how big the raindrops are?

The summer of ’76, work experience & a humanist wedding

The summer of ’76, that’s the hottest summer on record, that could well be until the summer of ’18 which is proving to be blisteringly warm, it has been more than a little tempting to go for a quick dip, but there has, as always, been masses going on and to add to the mix we’ve had a work experience girl with us.

More rubbish, a garden party & a great hairy hound

I had another week involving rubbish, recycling (or is it called ‘upcycling’) too for that matter. Although at least this time I didn’t have to actually climb inside the rubbish bin

Scribblings on my calendar, ribbon, never mind the wrinkles and ‘tea Mr Shifter?’

I have a calendar on the wall next to my ‘work station’…is that still a thing or has the PC world changed that expression to something less authoritarian? Anyway, my calendar has 2″ boxes for each day so plenty of room to put my reminders, appointments and aide memoires; I also have a paper diary and tucked in my iPhone case, slips of paper with lists of things I mustn’t forget; ‘piece of ribbon’ is one of the important items on my list.

Theatre, fake news & probably best our loos can’t speak

Theatre. It takes you away from your world into a whole new place where the every-day you is put to one side to allow the other ‘you’ some freedom of expression.

Toilets, weddings and all things royal

Sometimes you just have to throw in the towel don’t you which is why I haven’t updated my blog for a couple of weeks; Buckingham Palace, toilets and Liverpool to name but three of the events that have been jostling for attention.