Yorkie bars, the heatwave and The Night Manager

Mine was a bit of a ‘Yorkie’ week – plenty to get my teeth into and very chunky and it started with high hopes of being able to shed my winter garb when the Met Office forecast a heatwave.

A string to my bow, I put my high heels on and can swing a mop like a pro

Whenever I learnt something new my mother would say encouragingly “another string to your bow” and this week when I passed one of our wonderful volunteers as I headed back to the car one evening she not only said another string to you bow but added “it’ll look good on your CV”.  My paranoia straight away wondered if she knew something I didn’t. But she was in a hurry to get to the theatre to watch the live screening of Macbeth with Christopher Eccleston

My saintly patience, the Little Mermaid and thrashing the Belgians in rugby

Apparently I have the patience of a saint which put me in good stead for Children’s Week. Herding cats was one metaphorical description as we saw dozens of the little poppets arriving with dazed parents who looked like they had been deprived of adult interaction, sleep, decent food and daylight

Haircuts, sparkies & our new loos

I had my hair cut this week. I know right, not exactly headline news, but for me it’s quite a major event, mostly because it’a a major inconvenience. When I worked in London BC (before-children), it was all part of life’s rich pattern; I thought nothing of jumping on the train on a Saturday and popping into the salon that was in Covent Garden.
PC (post-children) and back in full-time work, I go to a relatively local salon. When I get there, there’s no preamble, it’s straight into a rapid but firm scrub, some frantic snipping and if I’m lucky, not too many hairs yanked out as it’s blow-dried and I always walk out of the salon with plenty of hair cuttings stuck to my face.

British Summer Time, more snow, a loo seat in the sun and the dance of the cygnets

British Summer Time arrived and right on cue the sun shone and it was warm enough to sit outside. I was taking a break from house refurbishing so I carried my cuppa and two custard creams outside and found myself sitting on the first thing I saw – the old lavatory we had removed from the downstairs bathroom

Lists, volunteers and reduced price custard slices

I love a list. I always have a list at the weekend; the first thing I do after my usual bowl of cornflakes with fresh fruit and yogurt (unless it’s a Sunday when I have a bowl of Jordans strawberry Country Crisp), is think about what I want to get done that day and/or over the weekend.

Then there’s my weekday list which is quite different from the weekend one, I may even start a supplementary list after I’ve arrived at work and often resort to post-it notes for the really important stuff.

Yes, my lists are legendary.

Fire drills, songs on breast-feeding and mansplaining. Just an average week for me

What a difference a week makes; OK, it wasn’t ’24 little hours’ but we have moved from temperatures as low as -6 to an explosion of fresh green shoots appearing along with double digits. We also had a fire drill this week. There was plenty of interest in the process, especially when I momentarily forgot how to silence the alarm.

Emma and the Beast and my undeserved midweek treat from Aroma

Emma and the Beast; sounds like some sort of seedy Channel 4 horror show but whilst it wasn’t seedy it definitely was horrific as two weather fronts collided to create havoc and disaster and as a general rule I treat myself to an Aroma Cafe decaf cappuccino once a week on a Friday.

A flux capacitor, compostable food containers and a love affair at Montacute House

I thought I’d gone back to the future this week when South West Water arrived with what looked like a flux capacitor that they positioned just below our office window. I spent several minutes pondering what it could be; yet another masterpiece of mechanical engineering to be squirreled away in their underground cavern that houses the immense local waterworks, a giant balloon inflator, a rocket launcher?

Turkish delights, pralines and a pop-up Tourist Information Centre

‘Life is like a box of chocolates’ or so Forrest Gump used to say and I rather like that philosophy because there are some weeks when all I seem to get are the Turkish delights and coffee creams but at other times I pick the delicious chocolate ganache or sweet praline. This past week was a ganache and praline week with so many pleasant and enjoyable things going on.