Lists, instructions & dirty boys

As you know, I’m one for lists. I have master lists, interim lists, sub-divided lists and occasional ad hoc lists. I also have copious notes in a variety of notebooks, scraps of paper and always various hand written aide memoire

Oliver Ford Davies, Ian Gillan, the National Theatre and a trip to London where I got stuck in the bathroom

Film stars, rock stars, jazz stars and one of the most famous London clubs on the circuit. What an incredible week it has been!

Gypsy heritage? No, I’m not green fingered either but I’m proud of my Poinsetta

“Were you a gypsy?”

That question along with “was I adopted?” is a regular enquiry from my youngest. Could it be my wild dark wavy locks or my sultry mysterious eyes that made him think I might be of Romany blood?

Making time for a hair cut and always wear sensible shoes

Making time for a hair cut and always wear sensible shoes

Some weeks fly by as one day merges into the next and at the end of it I have nothing to show for it; but occasionally I have a week that is jam-packed with events and goings-on. Take this past week for instance, even by Thursday it felt like I was getting my money’s worth.

When I worked in the gig economy I had to work out a schedule to include five different jobs, but I could fit in all the other extras like a hair cut, visit to the dentist or seeing friends. Working full-time means I have to be a bit smarter with my time keeping.