Half term, Nutella sandwiches & weddings

Another bank holiday and half term, so even more discombobulation for yours truly; when son no.2 headed out Tuesday night to galavant round with his friends, I stopped him in his tracks and reminded him there was no ‘going-out’ on a school night…

Lists, instructions & dirty boys

As you know, I’m one for lists. I have master lists, interim lists, sub-divided lists and occasional ad hoc lists. I also have copious notes in a variety of notebooks, scraps of paper and always various hand written aide memoire

Christmas trees, the cat and mice & our wedding licence

The first full working week of the year and for many it was their first day back to work after a long Christmas/New Year break. With a combination of illness and holiday, I had the office to myself for much of the week so a good opportunity to sort stuff out that needed some extra desk space.

The summer of ’76, work experience & a humanist wedding

The summer of ’76, that’s the hottest summer on record, that could well be until the summer of ’18 which is proving to be blisteringly warm, it has been more than a little tempting to go for a quick dip, but there has, as always, been masses going on and to add to the mix we’ve had a work experience girl with us.

A string to my bow, I put my high heels on and can swing a mop like a pro

Whenever I learnt something new my mother would say encouragingly “another string to your bow” and this week when I passed one of our wonderful volunteers as I headed back to the car one evening she not only said another string to you bow but added “it’ll look good on your CV”.  My paranoia straight away wondered if she knew something I didn’t. But she was in a hurry to get to the theatre to watch the live screening of Macbeth with Christopher Eccleston

A flux capacitor, compostable food containers and a love affair at Montacute House

I thought I’d gone back to the future this week when South West Water arrived with what looked like a flux capacitor that they positioned just below our office window. I spent several minutes pondering what it could be; yet another masterpiece of mechanical engineering to be squirreled away in their underground cavern that houses the immense local waterworks, a giant balloon inflator, a rocket launcher?

The Beach & Barnicott, Mr Darcy Loses the Plot, a wedding and storytime

The Beach & Barnicott, Mr Darcy Loses the Plot, a wedding and storytime

There are occasions, when the holiday season is over, that I look at my work schedule and think ah, a few days respite, time to regroup and recharge; but that is a fallacy because every time a space opens up